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So you’re thinking of getting a cat? Then you probably need to think about getting a cat flap installed.

Getting a cat can be very rewarding. They are independent animals and don’t need the love and attention that a pet such as a dog will need however they will give you plenty of love and enjoyment if you treat them the right way.

Yes, you can just have a house cat but cats are natural scavengers and animals of the night therefore they need access to come and go from your home as they please, I mean you wouldn’t want to have to keep getting up to let them out and then let them back in again!

So, as the title of this article suggests, a cat flap is definitely a wise investment and with the range that is available there’s definitely a lot to choose from and give you the most suitable cat flap solution for the needs of you and your cat. Solutions range from a simple manually controlled cat flap where you turn a dial to allow your cat to come in, go out, or both, right up to the top of the range cat flaps that are controlled by a microchip in your cats collar (or for multiple cats if you want).

The solution you choose will depend on how much freedom you want your cat to have, whether you have problems of unwanted cats using your cat flap to enter your home (and often eating your cats food!), and also where you want to install the cat flap.

If you want to find out more about our cat flap fitting service then please visit the cat flap fitting page for more information.