Cat flap fitting

Supply of market leading cat flaps

Freedom Catflap Fitters is a nation wide supplier and fitter of market leading cat flaps and pet doors. A cat flap from Freedom Catflap Fitters will provide your pet with a portal between their two different environments. A cat flap can also be used to limit the times of day your cat can access the garden or your home and it is also possible to limit access to only your cat, keeping out the neighbourhood feline intruders!

Freedom Catflap Fitters’ time served handymen can fit your cat flap in an number of different locations:

  • In a PVC door panel
  • In a wooden door panel
  • In a glazed door panel
  • In a glazed window panel
  • In an interior or exterior wall

As long as you can supply your cat with access to the cat flap, you can pretty much put a cat flap anywhere!

Exceptional cat flap fitting service

Freedom Catflap Fitters has many years of experience in fitting a wide range of cat flaps into a variety of locations, surfaces and access points.

Our team of catflap fitters are time served joiners and handymen and have years of experience fitting a wide variety of cat flaps and pet doors in a range of doors, walls and other surfaces. They work quickly and smartly, ensuring minimum fuss and distress to you and your cat on the day of fitting. The cat flap fitting team will ensure a quality fit every time and will make sure you are fully trained in it’s use.